~‡~ Chapter 3 ~‡~

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Dead Sea When you discover all that you are And it no longer exists When you dive deep inside On some Mystical quest And all that you find Is an old empty chest A sign that something used to matter No real hope for tomorrow No real treasure in you Just signs of what used to be No real hope No where to go Just a hollow shell of yesterday No grand quest Or star to be chased Under all the shimmering light Is just another empty night A long empty sea Reflecting back only lights of others Long dead and and simply living thru the brilliance of others By: MJMansfield November 16, 1998 [back to top]

Scared Gazing into his crystal ball Looking over his shoulder in fear... Knowing anyday... he could be them lost and scared.. unable to face the truth.. scared that one day.... he could forget to be him and join there mold... he shudders knowing death would be his choice.... Never again will he return to them never will he allow himself to be only human.. too long... too many battles... no..... he promises himself.. only forward never again back............ By: MJMansfield (FEWD) 12/19/97 [back to top]

ScreamDevil Deep aching rot in my gut the scream that will not be heard the putrid flesh that grows anew an anguish long since buried a pain that will not die a soul so alive it screams for death to move on into the realms to exist anywhere but here to leave this body that was born a corpse My mind screams for freedom screams to let me be born again screams to let me die I am trapped in the only hell I've ever known I am trapped in me though many times I've left me I am always forced back some cruel trick of my devil the devil that is god the cruelness he rules with over the ones he loves what a beautiful trick what a massive joke oh thank you thank you can I go now? are you thru with me? this game used to just bore me now it enrages me I tire of this game let me go.... lord?...lord......Lord? please.... please..let me go....ok?... 8-3-98 MJMansfield [back to top

So Small How can I be so full yet feel so small How can I be so happy and hurt so bad He wonders aimlessly Circling himself Wandering alone in himself I know the Love The Fire Lives in me And flows thru me How...how. I do not know but I am... So I must be... He lifts his weary head..... Smiles a shallow smile Letting his fire build in him Letting the Love fill the vacant spot in his chest Knowing he is of the all.... He takes the small knowledge for the Greatness it is Turns slowly.... Walks away alone.... Back down the wooded mossy path that led him here.... Singing softly of the pain of love.... Enjoying every minute of it.... Soon he is but a memory to the path.... He is Gone.... Swallowed by the woods of his existence... By:MJMansfield 10/28/97 [back to top]

Somehow The mothers gentle gaze Her loving touch The moon beam draws a picture Of how our love is made Over a simple branch Our life is drawn The sweet gentle caress As the beam massages the thorns Gentle holding the rough stalk in its silvery hand Tracing up across my roughness Pausing as it hits the last green-ness of the bulb Then the beam fans out Sparkling over the sweet dewy petals And your beauty grows and survives The Beam holds this flower as a completed piece Even though attached to the rough barren stalk The sweet petals blossom And some how the two are one They need each other And they belong together And in the night the perfectness is clear Somehow under the mothers gaze We make sense By:MJMansfield 7~12~98 [back to top]

There Be....a We when you close your eyes what do you see... I see pictures of you.. pictures of me.. When I open my mind the dragons fly in.. angels bow down... and the sparkles fill the wind... I see strange beasties... and soft little friends.. Mean streets... and strange times... I see lands that never were.. and places that could never be.. I see them as here.. a new reality.. I see you.. I see me.. thank you my friend that there can be ...a we MJMansfield 2-12-2000 [back to top]

SUTHERN RAIN deep in the south as the day slows down the wind ripples tarps as the dogs nestle down the smell of rain slowly rolling in the clouds get darker the grown ups come in warnings call out from every door Come on in here comes the storm down thru the neighborhood street lights flicker on a mothers gaze The yard it combs For all of her children on two’s and fours only one thought gathering them in before the first big boom Smiling as she watches her sisters kid Stained and dirty grinning ear to ear a quiet small warning for a neighbors child get on in now before it really gets wild she looks out again straining to see The man she calls hers is still in the field He struggles with a tractor that seems weaker each year breaking the land preparing for spring cursing the rain that he prayed for last year struggling to finish before dirt becomes mud praying that 3rd gear will hold for one more row dust devils play like the kids did before running across and into the woods as the sunday winds blow the weekend is done all scramble in safe quiet and warm the first few sprinkles ringing off of the tin and everyone knows as the day ends sleep will be fine as the rain comes down.. cause there’s nothing as fine as the cold rythmic sound of the cold suthern rain coming down on the tin By: MJMansfield 3-12-00 [back to top]

I SPIN as I spin within myself The friction now is not pain But a growing light as my negativity wanes No longer does the gloom wash over or my emotions continuously battered and stirred no longer are my eyes glazed or rolled back in defeat as I see the light within again, again, again I spin Faster than the light it self my love it grows and expands no more upon a shelf not held simply in my hands It grows and spreads leaps and bounds from my weary head comes vast new grounds places become where none had been a beautiful home I spin I spin I twirl about no pain of mine no feeble doubts I am the kind The Kin of Clouds son of rain Lover of fire Born in Love Full of desire spinning Sowing reaping I Spin I Spin I am fire I am love Simply I am....... I spin......I spin BY: MJMansfield 3-18-00 [back to top]

Spire of Dreamers Though Weavers and dreamers come and go.... The Dream and fabric Continues to grow.... thru spirit rise and spirit fall spirits sliding down the hall sun come up .... or moon does rise..... the love always comes to light the spire forget the lows forget the highs Forget the lives.... Or how we died Forget the future and the past But remember love no matter what the path thru the valley or over hill no matter from what door or window you fly remember to watch the light dance upon the sill no matter the where or why the light of love goes where no other will BY: MJMansfield 3-20-00 [back to top]

MERCURY With the motion of mercury fluid fast with out shape yet all shapes forming .. morphing... growing collecting pieces of myself as I travel rolling shining reflecting all that I am.....I show none of it look deep into me and you see a shallow reflection.. I hide myself from you.. My Motives stay true But You cannot see them... They are on the surface... deep... yet easy to see.... still reflecting light... all you see is the reflection... the depth is hidden beyond the reflection Yet right before your eyes.. I am ambiguous yet I am simple as easy as a childs toy just read the instruction... Step one, two, three Like the childs toy You read me.. and always seem to be missing a peice ~*~*~must be a second sheet of instructions Must be something misssing... all the neat parts are here The book says it should do this now by god it doesn’t work like that~*~*~ and when they stop trying to make me work a child walks up and the mystery expands the light reveals all the parts were there all correct but they simply could not make me work I was not in there ways of motion they didn’t try to find my way.. so the child reveals.... and the light expands... and it is the same..... same as it ever was nothing changed at all except... they see BY: MJMansfield 3-23-00 [back to top]

~~~DARKWINGS~~~ end of the era of darkwings though they beat strongly... and show no weakness.... They are dying...... Though the glisten with life they spiral downward the beast which they belong holds tightly to a small orb he smiles as he spirals... ‘tis not a suicide grin even though he knows this is his end the dark wings carry the beast and it’s package Slow spiraling to the mothers great urn slowly he spins delivering a scared message he places his usurper into the pot a shiny glowing orb LIFE!!!!!!! .......of his creation....... NO MORE will darkwings beat for destruction They will beat for Love...for protection to nurture and teach.... yes even though he knows his days of flights alone scarring the skies are coming fast to an end he smiles waiting to see the orb expand for it to grow it’s own beautiful wings knowing it will become more than he and all of him as well.... he now settles in..and awaits the end... and it is so so sweet.... 7-13-01 by:MJMANSFIELD [back to top]

BrightWings held down and rooted by the glow of the light thru the trees a simple floating angel... carrying the weight of a thousand centuries... bright wings they flutter..... flying close to home.... willing sacrifice from heaven... chills me to the bone..... a simple everyday angel.... coming towards me fast... totally enthralled.. listening to the wings gentle flap.... bright wings they flutter..... burning my crystal soul..... warmth love laughter.... waiting to call him home.... sweet angel dances... and it grounds me to this spot... sweet wings they call me... and my mind reels with thought..... preparations begin... a nest is made in hopes... waiting for the bright wings to land... building a place for angels to land... in this simple home..... bright wings they flutter.... with every beat of my heart... watching the sun set... and moonfall.... they get closer still..... gentle flutters from heaven... bright wings fill my heart.... scared, strong, waiting..... here I am..... anticipation filling, love sweat and tears.... waiting, waiting, building... for bright wings to appear.... love ...joy... smiles..... waiting... a place built for angels.... always in my heart.... always...here.... by: MJMansfield 8-4-01 [back to top]

HELP A new day a new sunrise Here comes help I must organize Reinforcements to ease the load So much to do Prepare the store Oh my god I have help Must hurry to work To enjoy this wealth So many things to do I must hurry now Not to be rude But I have to go A new day Help arrives I canít stay Pick up supplies I can soon relax As soon as I fix everything I can soon relax Is that my phone ring? I must hurry I just forgot So much to do No matter what So many things I must prepare Because I have help now Iím well aware So much more That I have to do The calm of war I stay, would you? MJMansfield 1-4-03 [back to top]

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