Welcome all tread lightly. But PLEASE be honest. Your oppinions count...Thanks a lot.
Name - Cory N.Date --     From - Maryland
Hey Jay, I'm just sliding around
your site and I love all of the
Celtic content -- very kewl. I
also loved the pix in your album
of you & your beloved. I'll be
speaking with you more soon. Great
site with tons of great material!

Name - leigh    Email - bc7401@peoplepc.com
Date --     From - kentucky.....as if!!
Nice job.....loved your poems....we'll talk soon I'm sure......and now some words from me?????Fly Fire Eagle...Fly high into the sky and let your light shine bright for all the world to see......See how very special a friend you are to me!!!!!!!"i hope that wasn't to goofy" i guess there really is a first time for every thing!!!!!

Name - Riskygirl    Email - shara01@tfn.net
Date --     From - Tampa, FL
You signed something really nice
in my guestbook when you happened
to have stumbled upon my page and
I finally got around to checking on
my page and followed the link
back to yours. Please email me
sometime and maybe we could swap
poetry or just talk.
Name - "steps lightly on mother earth"    Email - spirit1@oio.net
Date --     From - currently reside in Oklahoma
I see LadyHarmony beat me here. hehe ~May the Blessings we realize today, grow and prosper us always~

Name - LadyHarmony    Email - ladyharmony23@yahoo.com
Date --     From - USA, but now in Norway
Hey, FireEagle! Saw your site mentioned in SpiritFoxy's Newsletter today, so I thought I would pay you a visit. Nice work! Have written your URL down, and will be back again, esp. to explore some of the Celtic paths. Much love and light to you,
Harmony Kieding

Name - K'AM    Email - jacquiecm@aol.com
Date --     From - TEXAS
My brave red warrior ... what a sword !! And your dream house is now yours to do what you wish with .. *S* .. What a variety of interests you do possess ... *S* .. Will continue to check on the updates.. Of course, you realize that I think you're the best at whatever you do! ((((((((HUGS))))))))May you always know that you are loved, that you are unique, that you are special, that you are one of the dearest friends that I have had the pleasure of knowing since I learned about being on line!!! Love ya!

Name - greyhawk    Email - greyhawk@mindspring.com
Date --     From - Georgia
Love the nic. Eagles are my allies. I've been going to the Henge for about 3 months. Let me know from whence the nic. Ya'll be cool now!!!

Name - Delirium    Email - darkrayne00@yahoo.com
Date --     From - the middle of nowhere
cool site.

Name - Hmmmmmmm    Email - Toiletland
Date --     From - Rotorua New Zealand
Hmmmmm it seems someones daughter has got a big mouth *G* ...but hey gotta love her huh? *G*

Name - Lyza Lee Johnson    Email - ChevyLeeJohnson@hotmail.com
Date --     From - Rotorua, New Zealand
Hey there fire eagle, I have heard soooooo much
about u and I thought "Bloody hell, Im gonna look at this guys page, and ya know what?
It was the best thing I looked at today
My mum has just been bragging bout how cool u r, but hey ur gonna have to thank Marin a
Johnson bout all the braggin.
U must be pretty special, and it shows with ur poems and
ur website.
Name - Tiamat    Email - s.sdolittle1 @prodigy.net
Date --     From - the space between dreams~
Love, light and laughter to you sweet friend...Love your new house and dreams!!
Wishing you total peace joy and enternal bliss....Letting your own beacon shine. this will inspire others who then will inspire others...who will inspire others~~

Name - RunFreeDate --     From - the Netherlands
I like the castle on your homepage and the background with the crosses. Love and Light to you

Name - It's Me    Email - You Have It
Date --     From - Today...Planet "X"
OK...I've looked over everything as you asked me to. I'll comment on the rest when I have a better idea of what I'm looking at and for. I do not like this little scrolling box. Is there anyway that you can do an up and down thing, rather then everthing disapearing to the left? Talk to you later...Star

Name - FEWD    Email - fireeagl@interpath.com
Date --     From - HERE (North Carolina)
Trying to work bugs out....

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